Vince Camuto (Fall 2011)

Vince Camuto  Bazaar (Oct. 2011)
Vince Camuto for Bazaar (Oct. 2011)  |  Illustration by “elle”

***new illustration***


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Becoming an Illustrator….

Drawing is something that soothes me. It gets my creative juices flowing, and it makes me happy. 🙂 Over the past couple of weeks I have been studying how to draw portraits. This has never come easily to me. A fashion sketch is simple, but I complicate even that, lol! I want it to be […]

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The Basic Essentials…

Hello Loves!!! First and foremost, let me, take the time to, apologize for being M.I.A.! Had a little “situation”, and well, sometimes first things have to be first 🙂 ….but, I’m Back! The time “off”, was kind of needed mentally, and some of the happenings have really made me ponder life, and my purpose. The trend […]

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