About ME

RogueGal, is the creation of L. Payne, an artist out of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  Some know her name as fans of her makeup artistry…however, “L”, enjoys all forms of artistic expression and dabbles in a few.

Lady Rogue, is definitely an anti-typical chick.  She loves being a mom, wife, and volunteer…but most importantly she has learned to LIVE OUT LOUD!  Overcoming years of self-doubt, self-induced shame, and disappointment has led to enlightenment like no other.

Now…creeping at 37’s door, L thought it was time to share herself: her thoughts, her likes, and even dislikes…rather you like them or not. Rather society would frown or nah. RogueGal, is just that. A journey of one woman. A weirdo who thinks differently. A queen who enjoys sexuality amd femininity. A human being existing amongst other amazing creations. A creative soul and true free spirit.

RogueGal.com, is your open invitation!

Name: Lawanda Payne/L.Payne MUA/Lady Rogue

Likes: everything art (and that can mean so many things)

Few fun facts: wife, mom, only child, pretty funny gal, I know I can save the world.

Pet Peeve: people who refuse to live outside their box, and think everyone outside of it are the ones who are crazy. Go figure.

A lil' behind the scenes fun!! (Im no photographer:-))
A lil’ behind the scenes fun!! (Im no photographer:-))

You can find Lady Rogue Here:

Instagram: @lpaynemua

Facebook: L Payne MUA

Email: ladyroguegal@gmail.com


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