The Basic Essentials…

Hello Loves!!!

First and foremost, let me, take the time to, apologize for being M.I.A.! Had a little “situation”, and well, sometimes first things have to be first 🙂 ….but, I’m Back!

The time “off”, was kind of needed mentally, and some of the happenings have really made me ponder life, and my purpose. The trend now is to “turn up” because “you only live once”, “life is short”…..but, is it really. I think life lasts as long as we actually LIVE it. When we stop living, and become content, that’s when we begin to die. Life is about always evolving, always re-inventing yourself.

We control our destiny, therefore, we control our longevity. It is like playing a game of sorts, get one answer correct, you get a new clue.



The one thing that I notice is a must before you can go anyplace in life, is the Basic Essential. This is super important, and without it, you will be stagnant and complacent.

Think about your face, for example. No matter how much makeup you apply, nothing can replace the essentials. What do I mean? Think about it…  There is no Professional MUA technique that can sub for your eye. And no New highlight/contour trend that can replace your nose. You must have the basics. Eyes, a nose, ears, and a mouth.

illustrations by "elle"
illustrations by “elle”

The same is true in life! No matter how much money you have, or how many cars you buy, nothing can replace true self content. Self Love, is the Basic Essential.

Until you figure out how to love YOU…it’s like walking around with an eyeliner drawn nose in the middle of your face. Not cute! And, more importantly, you can not live like that. Learn to love on yourself daily. You are here for a reason. Figure it out, and conquer!

Get back to the Basic Essential, and create something no one can forget!

Smooches Loves!

Lady RogueGal

***did this drawing to better my face essential skills, thought it was a wonderful analogy….smooches!***


2 thoughts on “The Basic Essentials…

  1. Absolutely excellent post. Some very inspirational and thought provoking words you have spoken. Something I can certainly relate to and that many of us need to hear. Thank you.

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